Main status view

The phone settings are very important to run TrackZall properly. 

Android  phone settings

To add new users to group: 

1) Install TrackZall app to new users phone

2) Join to group

3) Set the group code and user name

Group code can be found in TrackZall settings menu. It is also sent by mail when group is created.

To receive alerts and videos from user, click user name from list and select alerts. Then activate the desired alert.

In the main menu there are four buttons:

Video           - sends 10 second video 

Locations     - shows the locations of all users of the group

Places          - opens page to show and define places

Settings       - opens page for position sending configuration and  subscription management

The main list view shows the general status of all users in the group. The group admin user is always first of the list.


The user information shows  following information:

1) User name

2) Status information icon based on phones current status (stable, inuse, moving (walking), moving (by car) or alert)

3) Current street address

4) Last connection time

5) Battery charge level and status (charging)

6) GPS OK / NO GPS (Inside?). If NO GPS is reported phone is not receiving GPS signal. This is often the case when phone is inside building

7) Status: Stable, In use, Moving (speed in km/h shown)

8) Alert status. If there is alert active the status is shown as red text.

By clicking the user name on list. Dialog with information below is shown.

Current location  - shows this user current location on map

Alerts   - shows the list of currently active alerts and notifications for this user. New alerts are also defined here

User details  - shows more details about this user

Location history  - location history up to 30 days of this user

Alert history  - alert and notification history up to 30 days of this user

Video history  - video history up to 30 days of this user

Start/Stop monitor use - Group admin can give monitor rights to user. Then user sees other users locations. Admin can also stop the use when needed