There are two subscription types:

1) Free 

  • Location sharing

  • Location history of 30 days

  • Unlimited number of places

  • Up to 3 users / group

2) Premium 

  • All features included in free version

  • Panic button alerts

  • Phone wave alerts

  • Battery alerts

  • Phone in use notifications

  • Place arrival/leave notifications

  • Move started/ended notifications

  • Video transmissions

  • Alert history of 30 days

  • Video history of 30 days

  • Up to 50 users / group

Start Subscription:

Subscription is started by pressing this button. 

Cancel Subscription:

This gives guidance how to cancel subscription. Subscription is cancelled by using phones own subscription management with no need to to contact TrackZall support. Note! This button is still shown after subscription is cancelled, but it is still active until period ends.